Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Know your Texas Barbecue

When it comes to barbecue, no one is does it like how the Texans do. However, despite Dallas being in a great location of being the center of great Texan barbecue, finding a great place to have awesome barbecue in Dallas is actually pretty hard. So, instead of getting disappointed especially when heading to Dallas with high expectations, rental bus visitors should take note on these few places where you can get the best barbecue in Dallas.
Best Barbecue in Dallas (and surrounding areas)
  • Off the Bone BBQ, Forest Hill
  • Randy’s Bar-B-Que, Red Oak
  • Longoria’s BBQ, Fort Worth
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Monday, November 4, 2013

Sixth Floor Museum at Dealey Plaza

Offering up layers upon layers of cultural diversity is what Dallas is all about. It is, after all, a city of nuance and absolute fun regardless of the intention of your visit and stay in the city center. Organizing a personalized tour around the city can be a very big challenge mainly because there are too many historical buildings, cultural hotspots, museums, parks and traditional tourist attractions to hit for one single vacation. Many people organize their own Dallas charter bus tours around the city, though, so nothing is impossible.
When you are in Dallas, never miss the chance to stop by SIxth Floor MUseum at Dealey Plaza, even if you have to make it a quick bus rental Dallas stopover. So, one might ask what this museum is all about....it is a small but extensive dedication to John F. Kennedy, one of the most important man in the history of America.
What makes this all the more important is the fact that on the day that Kennedy rode his motorcade through Dealey Plaza, on his way to Dallas Trade Mart, he was shot and moments after the shots were fired, someone spotted a lone gunman on the sixth floor of the plaza. Having known that, bus rental Dallas site is then commissioned and turned into a museum dedicated to educating the public about the life of this very important man.
Using tools like films, photographs, news reports, magazines, artifacts and documents, the museum highlights the assassination and the many reports that followed the event. It pays to know that the museum is completely funded by well-meaning individuals and corporations, as well as ticket sales.
We were quite surprised with the sheer number of documentation that was available here that can never be seen anywhere else. In fact, more documents, footages and photographs were produced and donated to the museum long after the event. For instance, back in 1999, Zapruder family contributed footages of moments before the assassination along with its copyrights. So, in order for anyone to see the footage, you would have to get in touch with the management of the museum before your bus rental Dallas visit.
Suffice to say, due to the museum’s unique theme, it remains to be one of the most popular tourist destinations (especially for foreigners) in North Texas. The sad fact is that most people do not remember or know (in person) about the event now - it has become a textbook story that students might learn about in books, the reality of which might not strike. Going through the exhibits makes the unfortunate historically significant event more real and the man, more of a real human being than an iconic figure.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dallas Angelika Film Center

If you are looking for a place to watch some great independent and foreign films, you should really consider going to Dallas Angelika Film Center with your friends in a Dallas rental bus. You may be wondering why you need to rent a bus when you can drive to the place yourself – well, with the service of a professional bus driver, you and your friends do not have to decide who will be the designated driver and find a place to park your car when you get there. On top of that, you also can have the privilege of the rental bus service to bring you and your friends for dinner somewhere else before you catch a movie and after the movie, you can also go for some drinks too.

The theaters in Dallas Angelika Film Center may be a little smaller than some of the other places where you and your friends may frequent to watch movies, it is comfortable, clean and they also offer the usual snacks, such as popcorns and hot dogs, that you would find at any regular theaters as well. Not only that – they also have available wine and beer too. The other plus point about this place is that it is also surrounded by restaurants, hence you and your friends could always arrange with the Dallas bus rental company to send you to the one of the restaurants nearby for dinner before you catch your movie. If you are not sure where to eat, you could always ask the bus driver for suggestions.

At Dallas Angelika Film Center, they have great, if not excellent, selection of movies (that you usually would not be able to find at any regular theaters), especially their independent films. The moment you and your friends step into the place, the ambience makes you feel very comfortable and welcome. You wouldn’t find the place packed with noisy teenagers at any one of the typical AMC Movie theaters and if wines and beers are not what you would prefer to drink, don’t worry – they have a coffee bar. If you and your friends are watching a movie before dinner and are feeling a little hungry, they also have sandwiches from Breadwinners to keep your tummies full throughout the movie before you go for dinner afterwards. If you already told the Dallas rental bus driver of your plans to have dinner after the movie, you can be sure that the bus driver is waiting for you once you come out of the theater to hop onto it, so that he can send you and your friends to the restaurant of your choice for dinner.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Golf for all

Mention the word “golf” and almost immediately, you picture Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson and the likes. However, did you know that you don’t have to be a professional to be able to play golf at TopGolf? Sounds a bit absurd to you? Well, if that’s the case, then you really need to check this place out personally at TopGolf that’s located at 8787 Park Lane, Dallas, TX 75231 in a rented Dallas bus – but don’t go by yourself, bring your friends with you; whether they are professional golfers or not and have fun! Oh, did we say fun? Yes, we did - because that’s true!

As you arrive at TopGolf in the Dallas rental bus with your friends, you will immediately notice that it is no different from any golf practice area where people with or without golf experience would go to play or practice their golf skills. However, what TopGolf founders did was to bring all the favorite leisure activities such as bowling, darts and golf and they combined all these together to make a unique outdoor game experience for everyone. What began as an idea between two brothers who had wanted to improve their game turned out to be a great form of outdoor sports entertainment for all! The irony of it all is that the idea of TopGolf came from hardcore golfers but it’s been said that more than half of the visitors to TopGolf say that they are not golfers themselves! This could only mean that even if you are not a golfer, you can still enjoy playing golf here and that it is really easy to play too.

Almost as soon as you step into the vicinity of TopGolf, you will see that people of all ages are there playing – and it doesn’t really matter if they know the game seriously or not. Imagine playing a game of darts or bowling with your friends, but the only thing is that you are hitting balls with a golf club and your scores are being detected and recorded digitally. This is made possible with the microchips in the balls that as you hit the golf ball, there is a reader in every section to detect the microchip in the ball, hence giving you the score based on the accuracy and distance that you have hit. The trick in getting a high score would be to try to get as close as possible to the center of the target, – it’s so easy that even kids are playing too.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thanks-Giving Square, Dallas

Thanks-Giving Square was recently named “2012’s Best Mini-Oasis Downtown” and with this recognition, it gives you more than a reason to rent a bus and bring the whole family downtown Dallas to visit and find out what it is all about - especially if you have never been here before. One thing we can say about this place is that you will not regret visiting.
As you make your way to the Thanks-Giving Square in your Dallas rented bus, we are quite sure that the bus driver will tell you stories of the various celebrations and events that have taken place at the square in the past. Many people who have visited the Thanks-Giving Square always enjoy their visits there. The park is filled with unusual places for meditation and reflection as well as the exceptional architectural designs.
Thanks-Giving Square was designed by architect Philip Johnson and was dedicated in 1976 and the whole idea behind this is to encourage giving of thanks as a universal value - regardless of your religion background. Upon arriving at the main entrance of the Thanks-Giving Square in your rented bus, other than the atmosphere of serenity that you can feel, you will also almost immediately notice the Court of All Nations and the Wall of Praise and on the Wall of Praise, they feature a part of of Psalms 100 that says, “Enter in his gates with Thanksgiving and come into his courts with praise”, as well as a mosaic that is based on the works of Norman Rockwell’s “The Golden Rule”.
After having read the beautiful writings on the Wall of Praise, you will then move on to a fifty foot Bell Tower that displays 3 bronze bells that rings every hour. Right next to the Bell Tower is the Ring of Thanks and Circle of Giving and you will pass through it before you enter into the courtyard of the Thanks-Giving Square. Inside the Thanks-Giving Square is a chapel with its spiral tower made of stained glass - aptly named “Glory Window”, which also happens to be one of the biggest horizontally mounted stained glass pieces that the world has.
Various events and programs take place at the Thanks-Giving Square all year round and after this first visit, you may want to find out when the next event will be held at the square and start making arrangements with the bus rental company to bring you and your family here again.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dining near the Galleria

The Galleria Mall, located in the northern region of Dallas, Texas, plays host to more than 170 stores and restaurants. The surrounding area also offers its share of dining options, including an eclectic collection of high-end restaurants and ethnic eateries. Plan a visit to Dallas with a bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus rented from Bus Rental Dallas, and include a visit to the Galleria Mall, after which, dine at one of the nearby restaurants surrounding the mall, all easily reached by rental bus.

Located inside the Galleria, The Grill on the Alley features an upscale interior, complete with Art Deco light fixtures, streamlined furnishings, hardwood floors, a fireplace and white tablecloths. American cuisine includes such hearty fare as chicken pot pies, jumbo crab cakes and prime New York steak. The restaurant also offers a Sunday brunch menu and happy hour seven nights a week. Also situated inside the mall, the Grand Lux Cafe offers a bright and airy interior, complete with earth-tone colored walls, massive ceilings, two-story windows, tiled floors and arched walkways. The restaurant also features outdoor patio dining. The extensive menu includes burgers, hot sandwiches and salads, as well as such vegetarian selections as stir-fried vegetables and tofu.

Located just two miles by Dallas rental bus north of the Galleria, the family-owned Remington's Seafood Grill first opened its doors in 1979. The casual setting features leather booths, chalk board menus and a private parking lot. Seafood fare includes such dishes as shrimp scampi, Gulf crab cakes and broiled seafood samplers. The varied wine menu offers selections from California, Australia and Italy. The Oceanaire Seafood Room sits inside the Galleria's own Westin Hotel. The upscale eatery features dark leather chairs and white cloth covered tables, with bold blue lighting lining the ceiling. The restaurant serves a wide selection of wines, including California varieties hailing from Napa Valley and Monterey County. Although the Oceanaire Seafood Room offers a raw bar, the lunch and dinner menu changes daily based on fresh catches of the day.

Maximo Mexicana Cocina & Margarita Lounge lies kitty-corner to the Galleria, and easily reached by rental bus. The upscale interior includes hardwood floors, leather chairs, burgundy window treatments and billowy white curtains. The menu features such items as Mexican stir-fry, Mexican lasagna and carne asada, as well as guacamole prepared tableside. Guests snack on roasted jalapeno salsa prior to dining. Situated within the mall, Mi Cocina provides views of the Galleria's ice skating rink. The restaurant features a high-end setting complete with dark wood furnishings, candlelight and recessed lighting. The menu includes such dishes as fajitas, tacos and enchiladas. The restaurant also provides a weekend brunch and children's menu, as well as weekday lunch specials.

There’s something for everyone on the menu during a rental bus visit to Dallas with a rental bus from Bus Rental Dallas. Call Bus Rental Dallas today and their friendly staff will help organize all your rental bus transport needs.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Dallas delights

The cities of Dallas and Fort Worth, metropolitan hubs located approximately 35 miles from each other, cater to rental bus travelers interested in learning about Texan heritage.  Numerous tourist attractions in these cities showcase cowboy culture, providing rental bus travelers with a taste of the Texas lifestyle and a great way to see them all is with a bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus rented from Bus Rental Dallas.  Drop in on dozens of Dallas attractions as you travel in style and comfort in your rental bus.

Rental bus visitors will find plenty to see and do at Fair Park, a National Historic Landmark spanning 277 acres in the heart of Dallas.  Fair Park's grounds include museums, gardens, performance spaces, amusement venues, and a stunning collection of Art Deco buildings. Museums located inside the grounds include the African American Museum, Women's Museum, and the Museum of Nature and Science.  Special events and live music and theater performances also occur year-round, including the State Fair of Texas, a major event held annually in late September and early October.

Cowboys Stadium is home to the world famous Dallas Cowboys football team. The stadium opened in May 2009, and the 80,000-capacity venue stands as the largest domed stadium in the world. It also boasts the largest high-definition video screen, stretching 60 yards across the playing field from 20-yard line to 20-yard line. The stadium also hosts a variety of events for rental bus  visitors of all ages including concerts, sporting events and religious ceremonies. Tours are offered daily and provide rental bus visitors with an insider’s look at the playing field and locker rooms.

For rental bus visitors that wish to experience Dallas/Fort Worth's cowboy heritage, plan a rental bus visit to the Stockyards National Historic District.  Attractions include cattle drives, a 5,400 square-foot wooden maze and the Texas Cowboy Hall of Fame, which honors Texas men and women who have excelled in the sport and business of rodeo, and the western lifestyle.  Rental bus visitors can also make an appointment to have their photo taken at the Hall of Fame's Jersey Lilly Old Time Photo Parlor with a real stagecoach and costumes and props of their choice.

With more than 21 million visitors per year, NorthPark Center  is consistently named one of the top attractions to see when you're travelling in Dallas, and a favorite with rental bus shoppers.  A local and rental bus visitor shopping favorite since 1965, NorthPark mixes luxury shopping, visual arts and fine dining to create an unparalleled shopping experience.  NorthPark Center features a variety of fine retailers, including Dallas original Neiman Marcus, Barneys New York and Nordstrom.Rental bus shoppers can enhance their visit to NorthPark by dining in the international food plaza or wandering through the indoor, 1.4-acre landscaped gardens.

For a great time getting into the heart and pulse of Dallas, give Bus Rental Dallas a call.  Their friendly staff can help you plan your trip with a selection from their fleet of rental buses, and will impress you with their personalized service.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A view of Texas

Dallas dominates Texas like no other city, with its skyscraper skyline and sprawling suburbs. The sheer size of Dallas means that one of the best ways to get a view of the city is with a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coach or school bus rented from Bus Rental Dallas. Travel in style and comfort as you and your group move around Dallas in your fully equipped rental bus.
Take your charter bus down to Northgate Boulevard and get a table at Cafe on the Green. This restaurant overlooks the richly landscaped grounds of the Four Seasons Las Colinas, and provides a visual feast for the eyes. The decor takes its cues from Asian design, with bamboo floors and potted bamboo all around, creating a slick, sophisticated setting in which to dine. The wines are expertly chosen to complement your meal by sommelier James Tidwell. Cafe on the Green features a classic menu, with many tried and tested dining favorites such as corned beef hash teased with ancho chile flavor, chocolate-dipped fruit and caviar-sour cream canapés and pomegranate striped bass. Two private rooms are available for groups, and there is a children’s menu.
You’ll need a charter bus to take you and your group up to Rough Creek Lodge, about an hour outside of Fort Worth. This exclusive executive retreat and upland bird hunting lodge sits on 11,000 acres bordering Mallard Lake, and the floor to ceiling windows gives diners a beautiful view of the lake and landscape. Furnished in western ranch style with leather covered oversized sofas and club chairs, Rough Creek Lodge is a great place to sit back and enjoy a meal after a day on a charter bus. The menu is obviously heavily game influenced, by Chef Gerard Thompson’s menu also caters for those who prefer their meals green and not red. Dishes of note are the seared Hudson Valley foie gras with pheasant ravioli, sautéed greens and black mission fig compote, pan-seared ring neck pheasant with Portobello mushroom risotto and gulf red snapper pan-seared and flavored with spicy ginger hoisin sauce.
If you’re having a business lunch, or a celebratory dinner, take your rental bus over to Cacharel in Arlington. Located just off Interstate 30 in Brookhollow Tower Two, this elegant French restaurant located on the ninth floor affords diners with commanding views of Six Flags Over Texas, the Dallas Cowboys football stadium and the Texas Rangers baseball stadium. The food is memorable, with sautéed escargots with grapes and pecans in an herb butter sauce, ostrich grilled steak and their legendary hazelnut soufflé. If you are planning a larger event with a bigger charter bus group, Cacharel has a Grand Ballroom that caters for bigger functions, with catering to suit.
For a grand view of Texas, take a rental bus from Bus Rental Dallas. Bus Rental Dallas friendly staff are on hand to help you plan your trip with a selection from their fleet of rental buses, and they provide personalized service for every customer.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Fun at the State Fair

Riding into Dallas on a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coaches or school bus hired from Bus Rental Dallas, between the months of September and October, head down to the State Fair of Texas.
Originally known as the Dallas State Fair and Exposition, the State Fair began in 1886. Organized by a group of Dallas businessmen, the Dallas State Fair was primarily a livestock show in the beginning. The State Fair grew from year to year, adding more attractions such as concerts, balloon ascents, displays of farm machinery, and appearances by public figures. At the turn of the century, with the invention of the automobile and plane, automobile racing was held to replace the loss of horse racing, and flight displays were held to thrill the crowds.
The State Fair gained in popularity each year, becoming a key fall attraction for visitors. In 1968, more than 3 million people visited the State Fair for the first time. Since the 60s, each year’s Fair has been staged to a theme. At the dawn of the new millennium, major corporate sponsorship has played a key role in the State Fair.
Texas is a very big state, and traveling across Texas to attractions like the State Fair of Texas is made easier by renting a charter bus from Bus Rentals Dallas. As you and your group arrive at the State Fair of Texas, there are several main attractions you will not want to miss. The Fair promises fun and entertainment for the whole family.
The main focus of the State Fair is the Midway. As you stroll along its course, you will find numerous shows, attractions and small food and beverage places. You can take the Texas Skyway, riding high above the Midway, giving you a birds eye view of the State Fair.
As you wander around the Fair, get the charter bus to drop you off so that you can catch a free concert at the Bud Light Sound Stage, admire a revolving display of classic automobiles and motorcycles at the Classic Corral, and visit the Greenhouse on the Midway. Kids will be thrilled to catch the BMX Bike Show, while parents can watch celebrity chefs do their thing in the Celebrity Kitchen. There are horse and livestock shows, displays by the U.S. Marines Marching Band, nightly fireworks displays and parades, and much more.
Visit the State Fair of Texas with Bus Rentals Dallas. You will be pleased with our friendly personalized service.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

How can a bus rental Dallas help you?

Being the one in charge of organizing a group trip can be a lot of time and work to make sure every last detail is complete. Having to sit and search for the best airline rates could take a lot more time then you have available. So if you feel like you wish you weren’t the one in charge your worries are over. Choosing a bus rental is one choice you won’t regret making. When choosing to travel with a charter bus company you will not only save money, but you will enjoy every minute of your trip.
We make the satisfaction of our clients our number one priority. We can handle every detail of your bus rental trip. From the preliminary planning of your group trip to the very end, we are one of the few bus companies that will work with you from start to finish ensuring that you have exactly the charter bus package that best fits your needs as well as your budget.
Dallas is the third largest city in Texas and the center of the state's largest metropolitan area, is located in the north central portion of the state. This populous city is home to the Dallas Cowboys. A shopper's paradise, Dallas has more shopping centers per capital then any other city in the US. While you are there you can take a walk through history and experience a dream that began more than three decades ago - when Mary Kay set out to build a company that would give women unlimited opportunities to achieve success in every aspect of their lives. During your visit, you'll relive the rich heritage of our Company and see how it progressed from a tiny storefront to the amazing success that it is today. Another great place to visit is the Dallas Farmers Market where local farmers display and sell a mouth watering and eye pleasing selection of fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs and floral plants.
Choosing a bus rental Dallas makes it possible for you and your group to many of the sites Dallas has to offer while traveling in comfort on our of our luxury charter buses. Our charter buses offer high back reclining seats, restrooms, TV, DVD players and CD players. So if you're ready to travel with a bus rental Dallas and explore all it has to offer, choose the one that is chosen most often by travelers not only for our budget friendly charter bus packages but our habit of making our customer's needs number one. One of our trained representatives will be more then happy to assist you with any questions you may have. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Underground Dallas

One of the best ways to explore Dallas’ vibrant neighborhoods, in addition to taking the bus in Dallas, is by taking a Trolley Tour. The M Line is free, is air-conditioned and heated and runs 365 days a year. All rides, except charters, are free but all contributions are welcomed.
If you’re more Bohemian at heart, explore the Design District in a rented charter bus and check out the many antique junkyards in town. For more information, LowerOakLawn.com has the lowdown on things Dallas Design District including gallery openings, showcases, and events. The best thing is that you can do it comfortably in a bus rental vehicle and enjoy luxurious settings in a party bus, shuttle bus or even a rented mini bus.
Deep Ellum is a graffiti artist’s paradise where you can go check out murals, statues and music show advertisements. Or if you prefer hanging out with friends of the furry kind, Deep Ellum’s Bark Park or Unleashed, the indoor dog park are great places to meet up with other dog lovers.
If the underground scene is not your kind of thing, then see the city from a different perspective from Reunion Tower, or the "Big Ball" and get a Bird's Eye View of the City. The view from here is synonymous with the Dallas skyline and can be found printed tee shirts, coffee cups, and shot glasses.
Ask the party bus or shuttle bus driver to bring you over to relive your childhood at Barcadia on Henderson with videos games and as ski ball, all for 50 cents a game or, get larger than life Jenga style games made out of two-by-fours!
Last but not least, why not Go Ape at the Dallas Zoo? Located just 3 miles south of downtown Dallas, the zoo covers 106 acres and is home to 406 species and 1,800 animals (6,800 counting invertebrates). Add in the 375 species of marine and freshwater animals in The Dallas Aquarium at Fair Park, and that’s one wildlife experience unlike any other, with or without the help of a charter bus, rented mini bus or a school bus filled to the brim with school-going kids.
So, sit back, relax and leave your transport worries to Bus Rental Dallas and your trip to Dallas will be a fun-filled memorable one.

Monday, January 14, 2013

John F. Kennedy Memorial

The simple memorial dedicated to one of the finest man, and president, of the United States of America is located at Main and Market Streets in downtown Dallas. It is an integral fixture of the city’s urban landscape and has become a cultural heritage. Consider Bus Rental Dallas to transport you to the memorial.
The memorial was designed by renowned American architect Philip Johnson. It features a square, roofless room and measures at 30 feet in height and is 50 by 50 feet wide. Symbolizing the free spirited John F. Kennedy, the block-ish memorial has narrow openings facing south and north.
The memorial has eight columns that extend to the ground and features light fixtures. At night, when the lights are on, the memorial seems suspended in air as though supported only by lights at the bottom. The corners and open doors of the memorial are decorated with rows of concrete medallions, each perfectly aligned and identical.
Visitors to the memorial will have to walk up a slight incline to enter the room where they are able to see the name John Fitzgerald Kennedy carved into low-hewn granite square.
The memorial is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dallas with numbers going into hundreds of thousands annually. Commemorations are held at the memorial annually on November 22nd.
Don’t get distracted looking for parking at the memorial, insist on Bus Rental Dallas to make your trip more enjoyable.