Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thanks-Giving Square, Dallas

Thanks-Giving Square was recently named “2012’s Best Mini-Oasis Downtown” and with this recognition, it gives you more than a reason to rent a bus and bring the whole family downtown Dallas to visit and find out what it is all about - especially if you have never been here before. One thing we can say about this place is that you will not regret visiting.
As you make your way to the Thanks-Giving Square in your Dallas rented bus, we are quite sure that the bus driver will tell you stories of the various celebrations and events that have taken place at the square in the past. Many people who have visited the Thanks-Giving Square always enjoy their visits there. The park is filled with unusual places for meditation and reflection as well as the exceptional architectural designs.
Thanks-Giving Square was designed by architect Philip Johnson and was dedicated in 1976 and the whole idea behind this is to encourage giving of thanks as a universal value - regardless of your religion background. Upon arriving at the main entrance of the Thanks-Giving Square in your rented bus, other than the atmosphere of serenity that you can feel, you will also almost immediately notice the Court of All Nations and the Wall of Praise and on the Wall of Praise, they feature a part of of Psalms 100 that says, “Enter in his gates with Thanksgiving and come into his courts with praise”, as well as a mosaic that is based on the works of Norman Rockwell’s “The Golden Rule”.
After having read the beautiful writings on the Wall of Praise, you will then move on to a fifty foot Bell Tower that displays 3 bronze bells that rings every hour. Right next to the Bell Tower is the Ring of Thanks and Circle of Giving and you will pass through it before you enter into the courtyard of the Thanks-Giving Square. Inside the Thanks-Giving Square is a chapel with its spiral tower made of stained glass - aptly named “Glory Window”, which also happens to be one of the biggest horizontally mounted stained glass pieces that the world has.
Various events and programs take place at the Thanks-Giving Square all year round and after this first visit, you may want to find out when the next event will be held at the square and start making arrangements with the bus rental company to bring you and your family here again.