Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dallas Angelika Film Center

If you are looking for a place to watch some great independent and foreign films, you should really consider going to Dallas Angelika Film Center with your friends in a Dallas rental bus. You may be wondering why you need to rent a bus when you can drive to the place yourself – well, with the service of a professional bus driver, you and your friends do not have to decide who will be the designated driver and find a place to park your car when you get there. On top of that, you also can have the privilege of the rental bus service to bring you and your friends for dinner somewhere else before you catch a movie and after the movie, you can also go for some drinks too.

The theaters in Dallas Angelika Film Center may be a little smaller than some of the other places where you and your friends may frequent to watch movies, it is comfortable, clean and they also offer the usual snacks, such as popcorns and hot dogs, that you would find at any regular theaters as well. Not only that – they also have available wine and beer too. The other plus point about this place is that it is also surrounded by restaurants, hence you and your friends could always arrange with the Dallas bus rental company to send you to the one of the restaurants nearby for dinner before you catch your movie. If you are not sure where to eat, you could always ask the bus driver for suggestions.

At Dallas Angelika Film Center, they have great, if not excellent, selection of movies (that you usually would not be able to find at any regular theaters), especially their independent films. The moment you and your friends step into the place, the ambience makes you feel very comfortable and welcome. You wouldn’t find the place packed with noisy teenagers at any one of the typical AMC Movie theaters and if wines and beers are not what you would prefer to drink, don’t worry – they have a coffee bar. If you and your friends are watching a movie before dinner and are feeling a little hungry, they also have sandwiches from Breadwinners to keep your tummies full throughout the movie before you go for dinner afterwards. If you already told the Dallas rental bus driver of your plans to have dinner after the movie, you can be sure that the bus driver is waiting for you once you come out of the theater to hop onto it, so that he can send you and your friends to the restaurant of your choice for dinner.